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@andreclarke unlock your true potential Based In Kingston Jamaica
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Andre P. Clarke
Andre P. Clarke

Andre P. Clarke

Andre Clarke is a self-motivated entrepreneur who has impacted the lives of many open-minded individuals searching for change in their lives. He has done so through the implementation of leveraging investments and business practices.

Andre holds a bachelor’s in computer science attained from the University of the West indies Mona based in Kingston, Jamaica.

His business portfolio encompasses Education In Forex trading, Drop Shipping, Stocks investments (short and long term)

Andre lives to help others discover financial solutions so they will be able to fulfil their dreams.


Over 9 years experience in Investment

Business Owner

Deeply rooted in Jamaican business space with 5 online business grossing 6 figures yearly

Forex Trader

Active Forex Trader since 2017

Forex Teacher sine 2019


Author of Profit Diggers Forex Trading Journal: Unlocking profits through knowledge, mindset, consistency and action

My Video Presentation

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Learn To Earn New Sources of Income

Having multiple sources of income is crucial in finding financial success. These are just a few options that any Individual with a burning desire to earn can learn.

  • Forex Trading

    Learn to Trade in the Forex Market

    Forex trading has helped me to increase my income more than any of my current businesses. You don’t need a big investment which makes it perfect. The returns can be unlimited once you acquire the right knowledge.


  • Drop Shipping

    Learn how to run a business without a store

    Drop Shipping requires only a computer, a website and your bank account to get paid. With no store front needed or big overhead expenses. This is one of the most lucrative ways to sell products you love


  • Leveraging Loans

    Learn to leverage your own cash for profit

    Have saving sitting around? That’s the worst thing to do with the current fees being charged by the banks. Learn to use your own cash and make a profit by dispersing personal loans on a monthly basis.




My Clients and Testimonials

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“Greatness is within you. Show is through your failures, your success, show it through your Journey” - Andre Clarke

The beginning of the journey to 6 Figures

My journey began in November 2017 when My friend Nneka Alverager told me about an amazing platform that I can honestly say had changed how I look at money, success and people overall.

Even though this platform opened my eyes to what trading was it didn't give me the full feeling that I could be rich without doing some form of network marketing, so even though it gave a foot through the door, it made realize that if you really want to be successful in life, it all depends on you!

So I decided to start doing as much research as possible and practice as much as I could. I must tell you it was blood sweat and tears to get where I am today.

I remember buying my new monitor to be like the traders I see on tv or online. All I could think about is how much I wanted to be rich and not depend on anyone but myself.

Forex & Crypto Trading is the only solution I found. It really has taught me and is still teaching me how to be a better person. It has taught me PATIENCE, HARD WORK and PERSISTENCE.

Why $1000 - 6 figures?

I decided to do this challenge for two reasons.

To inspire the common man/ woman that he does need a college degree, high education to make a difference in his finances, but hard work, smart work, patience and dedication.
To prove to myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens and empowers me.
Sometimes we really want a change and don't how to begin. I hope this journey of taking a small amount of money will inspire you to do great things.


FUCK the boss

I rather be a leader any day. ✌️

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